Rabbi Moshe & Mushkie Bitton

Camp Directors

Rabino Hershel y

Chana Spalter

Founder of CGI Costa Rica

since July 1989

Rabino Moshe y

Mushkie Bitton

CGI Camp Directors 


Rajel Marcovich

Hi my name is Rajel Marcovich and I'm from Mexico city and I love playing sports, Im so excited to meet you all and have an amazing time in CGI COSTA RICA

Chavi Tayar

Heyyy I’m Chavi Tayar! I’m from far awayyyy Melbourne Australia but I’m studying in NY for the year. I’ve been a counsellour in oh soo many camps before and I love them! I’m so excited to have fun with all my campers in Costa Rica!


Hi my name is Noa Libersohn & I’m from Mexico City. I love dancing, baking and having fun. I’m so excited to meet all of you and have the best summer ever!

Shiran Levi

Hi everyone! My name is Shiran Levi and I can’t wait to be a part of this amazing camp!! I was born in Israel, but I grew up in beautiful Miami, Fl! I speak English AND Hebrew, and I love love love to have fun! I’m so excited to meet all my beautiful campers and make unforgettable memories this summer!!!

Malka Schmukler

Hey! My name is Malka Schmukler and I am from Albuquerque New Mexico. I am so excited to be apart of CGI Costa Rica this summer! Can't wait!

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